Region of Iron Mountains

Programs for schools

These programs are prepared to correspond with educational plan for 1st - 9th year of primary school, kindergartens and secondary schools with flexible modifications for special-interests youth groups, focusing on local history, biology, geography, geology and ecology. Programs are prepared by GET TO KNOW AND LEARN form, targeted and thematic trips or excursions along the Železnohorský region within the school or extracurricular activities.

The complex programs are designed according to various needs : the specific school year, learning topic, corresponding subject, target of the trip/excursion, indicative pricing of transport from school to the final destination, definition of complementary activities, and other services and related activities. For some excursions may be prepared also worksheets or manuals, as well as additional quizzes and other attractions.

We can send you the catalogue of the programs for schools also with the educational handouts on demand via this address
LAG (Local Action Group) Region of Iron Mountains