Region of Iron Mountains

Top 10 of the Region of the Iron Mountains

  1. The native forest – forest complex. The original forest consists of beech and fir trees with the occurrence of rare mushroom species.

  2. Celtic Archeopark (permanent exhibition in Nasavrky, Celtic path, educational programs, functional Celtic village (under construction, year of completion 2012).

  3. Lime works in Závratec – Berle´s lime works, Museum of lime in the Iron Mountains – permanent exhibition, educational trail. Part of the project of the Iron Mountains - important geological area – samples of historical geological landscape activities.

  4. Jewish synagogue in Heřmanův Městec – part of the permanent exhibition named Gallery Cyrany (former Jewish school) - works of painters of the Eastern-bohemia from 20th century (Kupka, Zrzavý, Čapek, Štýrský, Kubišta...). Jewish cemetery - one of the biggest in the Central

  5. The look-out towers Barborka and Boika – The look-out tower Boika near České Lhotice is freely accessible. Part of the area of the look-out tower Barborka in Horní Raškovice is a permanent exhibition of stone and wooden sculptures, fit trail and educational trail through Raškovické lomy.

  6. The Lichnice National Nature Reserve - Kaňkovy Hory – the most beautiful and precious place in the Iron Mountains. Especially attractive are Hedvíkovská and Lovětínská ravines with the super elevation of 200 metres.

  7. The dam Seč – important recreational resort of Pardubicko and Chrudimsko. Facilities: accommodation and catering facilities, outdoor activities, water sports. Ruined castles Oheb and Vildštejn.

  8. Chateau site in Choltice – seasonal exhibitions (May – October). Museum of history with baroque pharmacy and “World of watermen and puppets of the black theatre”. Part of the area is a nature reserve named Choltická obora.

  9. The oldest tourist and family vacation campground Autokemping Konopáč – former name “Spa of Elise”, nowadays natural pool with a modern equipped camping offering many free time activities and summer cinema. Starting point into the Region of the Iron Mountains.

  10. Hipo-tourist ranch LL Kovářov – centre of horseback riding.
LAG (Local Action Group) Region of Iron Mountains