Region of Iron Mountains

LAG Members

Alliance of municipalities Za letištěm
The alliance groups 8 villages within the District of Pardubice, Pardubice Region. Its priority is development of infrastructures and tourism. More info:

Podhůří Železných hor, alliance of municipalities
The alliance groups 20 villages within the District of Pardubice, Pardubice Region. Its priority is development of infrastructures and tourism, and ensuring sustainable growth of rural areas. More info: www.mpzh.oblast.czI

Heřmanoměstecko, alliance of municipalities
The alliance groups 11 villages within the Districts of Pardubice and Chrudim, Pardubice Region. Its priority is development of infrastructures and tourism and ensuring sustainable growth of rural areas. More info:

Centrum Železných hor, alliance of municipalities
The alliance groups 11 villages within the District of Pardubice, Pardubice Region. Its priority is development of infrastructures and tourism, ensuring sustainable growth of rural areas and conservatory work. More info:

SDH (Volunteer Fire Company) Ronov n/D
Besides its main activity, the Volunteer Fire Company associates enthusiasts taking part in organizing public events and supporting active spending of free time, especially for the unorganized youth. More info:

OSPRŽŠ (The majorettes and twirling group) Rondo Ronov n/D
The civic association was founded on March 23rd 2003 in order to support the activities of majorettes. It provides material and administrative help with organizing championships and promotion, as well as it initiates cooperation with schools and other institutions.
The majorettes dancing group Rondo was founded in Ronov nad Doubravou in 1995 by Mgr. Adéla Sládková. Since its beginnings, it celebrates yearly successes in various competitions and shows around the Czech Republic. In its first years, there was only one group of girls, now the club has about 50 girls aged 4 - 18 within three cathegories: children, juniors and seniors.The dancing group Rondo is a member of the Czech Baton Twirling Association, which calls the annual National championship of the Czech Republic. In the past years, Rondo was awarded several titles at this championship. Its dancers are successful both in group formations and solo disciplines and hold three Master of CR awards in solo and duo categories. More info:

The civic association Boii was set up in 2002 by several enthusiasts, thanks to support of the village Nasavrky. Associating volunteers and fans of the Celts of all ages and professions, it now has about 20 members. The association is chaired by Ing. Martin Vlasák, with Lukáš Blažek and Antonín Štěpán as his deputies. It is located in Nasavrky. Their main aim is to bring the history and culture of the Celts closer to local people and visitors to the region. In the long run, the target is to create a Celtic Archaeological Theme Park, consisting of several attractions: the Celtic path and permanent exposition have already been opened, the Celtic village is planned for near future. More info:

Riding Club Železné hory
The civic association devoted to hipotourism and tourism, based in Kovářov on Ranch L, focuses on methodology, coordination and marking of riding paths throughout the region, and construction of horse stands in cooperation with the Czech Tourist Club. The association also educates instructors for hipotourism. Large riding grounds for various year-round activities are under construction. More info:

Czech Union of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners
The Union is a voluntary, non-political organization and independent association of those interested in allotment and leasure gardening. The Unio, as well as the Gardening Organization are legal persons and their activities are in concordance with the Union's regulations. The Union is a member of the international Office International du Coin de Terre et des Jardins Familiaux.

SDH (Volunteer Fire Company) Heřmanův Městec
This volunteer fire company was founded by the town of Heřmanův Městec in 1848. It's activities are focused on protecting inhabitants and their property during fires and natural disasters. The fire brigade JPOII, set up along with the SDH Heřmanův Městec,

The company organizes public exercises, educational shows for children, traditional Firemen's Ball and a Mayor's Cup competition. More info:

Nadace Bílý jeřáb (White Crane Foundation)
Activities of this foundation are derived from the ancient knowledge of old chinese masters. Their aim is to educate people in how to bring harmony into life, which comes out, according to these principles, from healthy diet as well as each person's reponsibility for his/her own health, success, relationships around him and his environment.
The foundation, cooperating among others with various well-known experts not only from the Czech Republic such as terapists, doctors or artists, organizes a range of seminars about health, social issues and environment protection.
Part and parcel of balanced life style is culture and socializing and so the foundation also organizes social events under the Iron Mountains, in an old mill (which is slowly but steadily being reconstructed) in the village Mladotice near the picturesque Chittussiho Valley of the river Doubrava. At this stage, there is a theatre hall just about to be finished, along with yard and mill gardens already hosting cultural events like theatre performances or concerts. The mill is hoped to become in the near future a centre of regional culture, centre for fold traditions, arts and crafts, as well as centre for meeting people of various ethnic origin.
The foundation plans to reconstruct also other parts of the mill for health and recreational purposes (establishing a gym, swimming pool, salt cave and accomodation) and set up a Home for seniors in the old millhouse.

Kostelecká pohoda, o.s.
This civic society supports development of Kostelec u Heřmanova Městce in all areas. Helping children and youth spend their free time actively, it supports and organizes events helping healthy development of our young generations. The society is connected with many cultural and sports events in the area, as well as discussions, lectures, workshops, exhibitions; and it is active in prevention of social-phatologic phenomena.
It offers children and youth access to information technologies and provides youth accomodation.

Nature Protection Club at the SPR (protected natural area) Habrov
Takes care of natural protected areas and reservations Habrov, Ptačí ostrovy and Tůně u Pařížova. Accredited by the Ministry of Education, it runs educational information centre Ekocentrum ČSOP Zelený dům with a library. It co-operates with the Pardubice region council, MA21 Chrudim, schools and other non-profit organization focusing on environment protection; as well as with Consumers Protection Association.
The club organizes regular educational events for publis, such as Earth Day, Encounters with nature, Year cycle in the park, or presentations in the tearoom Luna located under the same roof.
The club is also one of the co-founders of KONEP Pardubice and runs dog shelter Alík by the ČSOP Chrudim near the park Střelnice.

Self-employed farmer Ing. Arnošt Pleskot
Chair of Association of Self-employed Farmers of Pardubice Region, Chrudim. Engaged mainly in plant production.

Self-employed farmer Jiří Koutský
Self-employed farmer engaged mainly in plant production.

Autokempink Konopáč
The owner of the camping ground, Bohumil Starý, has many years of experience in tourism. The camping ground offers sporting grounds, bathing pool, and year-round accommodation, catering, and sports equipment rental. Info:

Progress, PLC.
The company pursues complex production in the forestry field (growing and harvesting wood) and employes 9 staff plus 4 company owners. Its main products are forest grounds wooded by nursery stock of authorized tree species, protection of young forests, tending their growth by professional actions up to the final product, cut down wood - lumber ready for futher technical use and pulp for manufacturing wood-fibre and paper. The company draws on grants from State Agricultural Intervention Fund. It owns farming machinery - scrub-slashers, chain-saws and tractors for towing wood - and is able to provide technical support for realization of common projects of the LAG.

Zemědělská, a. s..
The firm farms an area within the municipalities of Horní Bradlo, Krásné, České Lhotice, Hodonín and Nasavrky, spreading over 1407,22 hectares of land, out of which 586,48 hectares is farming soil and 820,74 hectares is grass land. All area is in the protected landscape area Železné hory, which is considered a less favoured area.
The company's focus is on milk and meat producing cattle. The present status is 550 head of cattle. The cows for milk production are stabled in Javorná, where there is 250 head in reconstructed stables with loose housing. The number is gradually increasing, as the maximum capacity of these stables is 450 head, however, they have to be kept within given milk quotas. Most of the cattle is Czech Fleckvieh. There are on the pastures 60 cows with calves and 30 heifers of Charolais. In 2005, they produced 8110 litres of milk.
A great deal of financial resources is invested into reconstruction of stables and acquiring new machinery, especially for processing fodder crops.
The company’s subsidiary, Nasavrcká stavební ltd., provides all necessary construction works for the company. It employs around 35 people and deals with family house constructions, food industry buildings, stable reconstruction, production of windows, smithery, etc.

SHR Ing. Hana Pechmanová
Self-employed farmer engaged mainly in plant production.

SHR Jan Urban
Self-employed farmer engaged mainly in plant production.

SHR Stanislav Doležal
Self-employed farmer engaged mainly in plant production.

Czech Union of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners, Heřmanův Městec
Civic association for friends of allotment and leisure gardening.

SDH (Volunteer Fire Company) Heřmanův Městec
The fire brigade, founded already in 1878, is active not only in protecting people and property from fire and other natural disasters, but also in organizing various cultural activities for children and adults (i.e. a yearly ball).

ČaS Pardubice, s.r.o.
The firm provides revisions of gas, pressure and electroinstalations, as well as property maintenance, food retail and sheep rearing.

SHR Josef Hudec
Self-employed farmer engaged in both plant and animal production.

Josef Cypryán
Woodcrafts maker with his own gallery of wooden sculptures. His work comes out of family tradition founded in 1975. The gallery, located in in Třemošnice bellow the picturesque ruins of Lichnice castle, is an ideal place for family and school outings. Josef Cypryán offers wooden sculptures and interior decorations made to order. More info:

Ventura-venkov, s.r.o.
The company produces and sells products working on biotechnological principals Sekol, especially agents for regulation of water in sewage systems, reservoirs or sewage treatment plants.. More info:

Anna Vacková
Offers accomodation services in Jedousov.

SHR Plaček Ondřej
Self-employed farmer engaged mostly in sheep rearing and vegetable production.

Minaříková Hana
Flower arrangements and flowershop, consulting services for house and garden. More info:

Farma Slunečný dvůr, s.r.o.
The farm is first of all a training centre run by the vet and horse racing coach MVDr. Jiří Janda. At the same time, the farm offers three-star accommodation facilities and horse-riding tutoring on horses as well as ponnies. In autumn 2006, a family restaurant was opened on the premises with panoramatic views. The farm has horse stables with 24 boxes. Facilities used for horse training include a training track with an artificial surface, the first hall of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe, and a carousel for horse mobility, an indooor and outdoor riding hall, and paddocks. More info:

SHR Ing. Nesládek Aleš
Self-employed farmer engaged in livestock production.

Hotel Bujnoch, s.r.o.
Located in the towncentre of Přelouč, the three-star hotel offers accomodation, restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating and conference facilities. More info:

Penzion Na Křížovce
Located in the village Běstvina, it offers bed and breakfast facilities with a restaurant.

Trios, s.r.o.
The company's seat is in Prague, however, it also owns 38 hectares of land in the area of Polánka (Krásné), where are stables and training facilities for 12 racing horses, as well as paddocks with sheep, cows and moufflons. All the animals are for private use only, however, they are not hidden from the eyes of visitors and tourists.

Agrometall, s.r.o.
Situated in Nový Dvůr u Heřmanova Městce, the company manufactures and supplies agricultural and municipal equipment. Currently, it employs 56 people. More info:

Institut rozvoje evropských regionů,o.p.s.
The Institute for development of European regions encourages life-long learning, development of realization of scientific and research projects, elaboration of concepts and studies following research activities of the Faculty of economics and administration at the Univerzity of Pardubice. It also helps to provide equipment, information and communication technologies and premises for education, research and development, as well as support for publishing and editorial activities.
Among further pursuits of the institute belong organization of training and educational events, research, development nad expertise services, and a publishing house.
It realizes life-long learning courses and projects under the European Social Fund, and analyses in the area of life-long learning.
The institute also organizes various events such as competitions for children and youth focusing on science and technologies, conferences, events popularizing science and technology - especially with the purpose of attracting pupils to this field of study, preparation and printing of proceedings of various events or teaching materials, etc.
The Institure is run for a great part by its two full-time employees.
LAG (Local Action Group) Region of Iron Mountains