Region of Iron Mountains

The LAG Region Kunětická hora [ Local Action Group ]

The LAG Region Kunětická hora was established in the year 2005 with the legal form as civic association. From the year 2014 is the legal status changed to registered association.

Projects are made by the LEADER method, which is based on cooperation of all the sectors from the rural region (municipalities, businesses in agriculture, tourism, services, interest groups, associations and kindergartens….) by the method of community planning that is a creation of projects based on cooperation of all the representatives of all subjects and all segments of population (children, youth, active people and seniors).

LAG (the local action group) Region Kunětická hora spreads out of Pardubice region and area of Pardubice district. Includes area of two civic associations and is a rural area nearby the city

Pardubice. Flat relief of banks of the rivers Labe and Loučná invites for sports and relaxing of population and tourists.

Landscape is dominated by medieval castle Kunětická hora to which there lead many roads to relax. On the foothill of Kunětická hora in Ráby, there is Museum of Gingerbread. There is also a seat of “Gingerbread Country”. The area is interlaced by many cycle paths and cycle routes, which is being expanded. The tourist informational system is not missing and is also there together with places for relax all around paths. For summer relax the area offers many opportunities for swimming in local flooded sand-pits.

The flatlands surrounding the two rivers are ideal for a great variety of relaxing activities, such as running, in-line skating, cycling, horseback riding, swimming in nature, angling, or golf. These activities are supported by development of info-centres, rental services (esp. bike rentals), public sports grounds and facilities for relaxation. The founders of the Museum of Gingerbread and the "Gingerbread County” cooperate on presentation of the region as the region of gingerbread. The Museum offers a variety of complete products focused especially on families with children. Development of tourism in the region, and especially broadening the variety and quality improvement of offered products, goes hand in hand with restructuring of agriculture, protection of living environment, recycling, eco-education, re-creation of original village centres as suburbs are becoming built-up, and revival of traditional values and ways of living.


MAS Region Kunětické hory, z.s.
Husovo náměstí 790
533 04 Sezemice
Czechia (CZ)



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