Region of Iron Mountains

LAG (Local Action Group) Železnohorský Region [ Local Action Group ]

LAG Železnohorský Region (Iron Mountains Region) is located within the Pardubice Region, stretching through the Pardubice and Chrudim Districts. Covering the area of municipalities of five villages, it is a rural region partially lying in the protected landscape area Železné hory, with great potential for development of rural tourism.
The landscape varies from ponds, picturesque springs and streams, across rolling foothills of the Železné hory abounding in mixed forests, up to the mountain tops with the local dominant, the impressive ruins of the Lichnice castle. Thanks to the protected landscape area Železné hory, the countryside offers a variety of places of natural beauty or interest. The region also boasts the largest recreational area of the Pardubice Region - the Seč dam.
The diverse countryside of the foothills and mountains of the Železné hory is an ideal location for still increasing number of various educational paths for nature-lovers and hikers. Visitors and holidaymakers can take a stroll through the nature, a bicycle or even a horse ride, thanks to the existence of numerous ranches and horse stands, a horse. Traces of Celtic settlement in this area gave impulse to conception of the association Boii, which set up a unique Celtic path and Museum of the Celts. A planned Celtic village is to become another part of the Archaeological Theme Park.
Cultural, social and informational centre of the region is in Choltice, the location of a baroque manor enclosed by a park and game preserve boasting remarkable specimens of plane, beech and oak trees.
The regional development in tourism goes hand in hand with environment protection, eco-education, restoration of original village centres and revival of traditional values and
their manifestations.
LAG Železnohorský Region was founded in 2005 as a non-profit organization.

All projects are realized under the inniciative LEADER, which is based on close co-operation of all sectors of the region (municipalities, agricultural enterprises, tourist trade, services, clubs and associations, schools, etc.) in the form of community planning which creates and realizes projects based on co-operation of representatives of all subjects as well as all age groups of local inhabitants.


MAS Železnohorský region
Josef Blažek, předseda MAS
náměstí Míru 288
538 03 Heřmanův Městec
Czechia (CZ)
tel: (+420) 725156016
MAS Železnohorský region


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