Region of Iron Mountains

The LAG of the Železnohorský Region was approached by the University of Pardubice for participation in the Empowering Regional Development and Innovations Project (ERDI). After a series of further discussions, when the demands and suggestions of both sides were clarified, a contract was signed and the LAG became a partner of the local university in this international project funded by the European Union grant. The project is attended by six universities all over Europe and each has a partner in practice, as the University of Pardubice has chosen the LAG of the ŽR. Two universities from Finland as lead coordinator of the project and then partner universities in Hungary, Slovakia, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. The project will run between 2016-2018.

This whole project aims at developing the so-called bio-economy and its strengthening, which in shorter time frames and at several levels of the project means: to establish university cooperation with a local partner from practice according to the study field of the university, and to cooperate with each other to improve the curriculum of the given Of the field of study in order to increase employability in the region. During the project, partnerships should be established between educational institutions, employers and job brokers, so that students are as applicable as possible in the region to know how to specially prepare for possible work in the region what their region expects, what job opportunities are there, and most importantly, to bring local economy in line with the aforementioned term of bio-economy.

Although the project is diverse in terms of the number of foreign partners, it is also innovative, giving it the opportunity to get some different views and views on how the bio-economy works in Europe and how we can do it better.

LAG (Local Action Group) Region of Iron Mountains